About the Warmth of People and Rain


Another three days went by. Germany welcomed us with rather nasty weather. We had some really wet moments. I don't remember being that wet on a bike. But hey, I chose to cycle this early during the year.

There where good parts though. Being accompanied by a very close person really helped to keep up the motivation during these first days of harsh weather. Marie-Luise has a way to cheer up people around her that still astonishes me to this day. She just had the right ideas at the right moment and having her around is just plain fun. I know I want to do this journey by myself but having to go different paths in some days' time is going to be hard. Now we are sure that we have to go on a trip like this together one day. Panamericana maybe?


Another wonderful thing about being on the road and sleeping in unknown places is meeting people. During those first days we met so many welcoming human beings. We couch-surfed with Markus in Memmingen who just thought that the idea of cycling to Nepal is so crazy he had to host us. Then we slept at Bartlomiej's (Barth) and Hanna's place near the Ammersee in Bavaria. Barth was on a bicycle world tour before and is doing up cycling art now. He naturally had many valuable tips for me. One already became very dear to me: Eating gummy bears (or rather the gelatine) should help against the knee problems that I had on my first days. Now we are staying with Gertraud in Landshut. She cooked a wonderful curry for us and helped us dry our clothes after the wettest day so far.

Samuel, a friend from Z├╝rich and flat mate of Marie-Luise, came to accompany me until Vienna.