What a week! But now I'm finally on my way

The last two to three weeks were really stressful. All the preparations just took much longer than I had expected. But the real bummer was that DHL "lost" my passport or rather they couldn't track it anymore. With all the visa in there it has quite a value, but that's not the point. It took so much time and effort to organize all these visa. I would have had no chance to get them all again in time. Luckily though, they could meanwhile trace the passport in Moscow...

But that is all a thing of the past. I'm finally on my way now. What a feeling! Well actually it is quite a wet start, but then again it had to be expected this time around. My partner Marie-Luise is accompanying me on my first days of the trip. We started in Z├╝rich and cycled through Winterthur and Frauenfeld to Konstanz in Germany. So on my first day I already entered a new country. I realized again that Switzerland is really a very small country.

In Konstanz we were welcomed by Verena and Marc, two experienced adventure cyclists. They prepared us a wonderful dinner and made us feel at home.

Now we are preparing for the next days and are heading off towards Bavaria and later Austria where I plan to cycle along the river Donau.

A last word today. I really want to thank the many supporters of my partner project CCODER in Nepal. You are awesome! Before I even cycled a single kilometer, we collected 3'357.- Swiss francs.