Bad Weather for Cycling? Let's Call it Training!

In a little more than a month I'm going to embark on my cycling trip. There is still a lot of stuff to do. At the moment I'm still in the process of organising all the necessary visa for the trip (about 10), starting this web page and preparing my bicycle. During the same time I have to take an exam, move to a new flat and try to see all my friends before I leave.

Luckily I've got most of the gear ready from long gone adventures and simply need to test them and put them in my panniers. The bicycle is almost ready, most of the things I have to do is maintenance-related but I also want to install a generator for all the electronic goodies I'm going to carry along. By the way a very interesting German piece of engineering!

The countries I'm going to visit are more or less set. More about the planned route in a following post!

Stay tuned!